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Did you just blink and suddenly summer has come to an end? If so, you are not alone, friend. Luckily if you want to keep the summer vibes going, you’re in the right place here!

This month’s Issue is “Summer Daze – The Back to School Issue”. This theme is all about celebrating the ephemeral beauty of Summer with a capital S when it is here. Hot daze, late nights, tan lines. Long walks on the beach. The taste of fresh fruit. And no homework! (As if)

And what summer would be complete without being introduced to your fave new bands on a metaphorical mix tape made for you by your Bestie, Mythic Rhythmic?

“Summer Daze” as a feeling is all of the nostalgia that summer brings and more. So to help you enjoy these last days of summer properly, I have the honor of introducing you to 5 amazing music artists including the skillful songwriting and edgy chic of Doll Klaw; the melodic cyber-symphonic stylings of San Francisco-based CBLS; the irresistible appeal of ModWaver’s retro influenced future nostalgic soundscapes; the orb and the multi-talented creative being that is ryan flynn; and Carlos Univaso, a fresh emerging talent from Chile whose electric energy drives his unique Indie Rock music.

We hope you enjoy the September Issue of Mythic Rhythmic! Please stay tuned for more adventures in sound.


Acacia Carr

Cover photo provided by Doll Klaw.
All rights reserved and © copyright of the artist.
Magazine cover by Acacia Carr for Mythic Rhythmic, 2022.

Summer Daze - The Back to School Issue

September 2022 / Issue No. 10

Experience the Phenomenon that is Doll Klaw

Experience the Phenomenon that is Doll Klaw

Doll Klaw is the solo music project created and composed by Mexican-American Los Angeles native musician Jessica Caro. Her energy is undeniable as his her style. Get to know this talented artist and explore her music.

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