Gauri Paighan

by Acacia Carr / May 1st, 2022
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“Number 1” – Single by Gauri Paighan, 2021

Gauri Paighan

the soft pop songstress with a message of love


Artist Bio

Gauri Paighan is a singer-songwriter on a mission to unite humans with her music. She is a multi-instrumentalist writing songs focused on lyrics and melody.

Guari grew up listening to all kinds of genres, but Indie, Rock, and Pop happen to be her favorite.

She believes music can make the world can be a better place and help humans to transcend their consciousness.

Her latest single “Connected Parts” was released on April 28th and is now available for streaming.


A cruise through Gauri’s catalogue of music shows a songwriter with a naturally curious and inventive nature as well as it shows a singer whose vocal style gets its power from its grace. Gauri’s delicate melodies and layers of electric guitar invoke late 60s/early 70s vibes with echoes of the Beach Boys and Dick Dale and His Del-Tones. With a unique style that is nostalgic but always fresh, Gauri is one to watch as her musical journey unfolds.

In her song “Rare Nerine”, we can find strength in the vulnerability of Gauri’s lyrics. Her writing is honest. Her energy is pure. Her composition reflects her desire to uplift her listeners with carefully crafted arrangements of various instruments and vocals.


“Rare Nerine” – Single


“Adventures of Us” – Single

“Adventures of Us” has elements of 80s synth pop rock, 60s surf guitar, and quirky electro samples that take the listener on a fun and playful spin through a subtly psychedelic carnival of sounds.



“November !” – YouTube Video

With its delicate piano intro and catchy guitar hook, the indie darling “November !” sounds like it came straight out of a cult classic coming of age soundtrack from the late 90s, early 2000s like Garden State, High Fidelity, or Empire Records. Like a favorite flannel shirt, this song is easy to put on repeat. It calls to mind a scene full of intense soul searching and a deep desire to connect. Overall, Gauri’s music is raw with passion and well worth a listen.



What inspires your music?

“I am especially inspired by all the artists from the 60-70s. I have been listening to their lyrics and have been realizing how much they can pass the messages through a single verse and chorus. Not just about us or our relationship, but overall how the universe works, the problems faced as a collective in the world and lastly how music can make the world a better place with higher consciousness.”


“Overall, I am inspired by life experiences and events that I go through as well as those that others go through…I just take it as a storyline. Each event comes as an inspiration and opportunity to find rhythms and melodies and to write songs about it.”


What challenges have you faced as an artist?

“As an artist I have been facing the problems of getting an audience since I am from India. People here love Bollywood music which is in a native language, Hindi. The songs I sing have English words and influences where it gets hard to actually pass the message to the people. I believe sooner or later it will be changed and people will look at the melodies and lyrics or the music rather than language.”

Gauri Paighan 2022

What are your future goals?

“My first first goal is to drop an album later on this year. I have been working on it for a long time now and it is almost done, however a couple of the songs are yet to be recorded and final mixing mastering completed for them.”

“Meanwhile, writing and arrangement for the next album has been started since I have been feeling motivated to write as I am staying around mountains and nature these days.”


Tell us about your upcoming projects.

“As soon as the album drops, I look forward to doing music gigs and festivals, especially in the north east and south side of India as there are people coming from around the world for music and gatherings. After that I will be laying low for a bit finishing songs and ideas.”


How can your fans help support you?

“As an artist, it’s hard to do multitasking at a times. I was doing a job before, but eventually my creativity was getting away because of the busy schedule. All I need from my listeners is love and understanding. My songs are available on all the platforms, and my Bandcamp account has been recently opened for all releases where people can purchase my songs if they like.”

“I have also been working on making NFTs for my releases which will be available soon. Any financial and mental support and love for my music makes my day!”

“November !” Cover Art – Single by Gauri Paighan, 2021

Support Gauri Paighan

You can also show support by following and interacting with Gauri on social media. Independent artists rely on the support of the music community. You can actually make a difference in an artist’s life and career by showing your support in these ways!

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