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Smitech Wesson

enter the darkwave

Artist Bio

Smitech Wesson is a DJ and Music Producer based in Istanbul, Turkey. Like a dark cloud with a silver lining, Smitech tears the fabric of time and space itself asunder in the dizzying apex of existence between Heaven and Hell with his driving rhythms and powerful yet dynamic electronic arrangements.

This is music to dance to, to romance to, to whatever good thing it is you get a chance to do. With over a million Spotify plays on songs such as “Scream” you might wonder if all the success gets to him but I am happy to confirm that he’s a really nice, down to Earth kind of guy….maybe just one with Demons and Angels.

Azra & Leyla (2022)

Azra & Leyla is a double song Single with “Azra” being one song and “Leyla” the other. Here we find a haunting and hypnotic arrangement of synths and Angelic female vocals synced to the driving beat of the drums. On “Azra”, what begins as a slow ballad builds to a sublimely dancey rhythm before taking time to pause and reflect with us before bringing us back to the peak of the rhythm again. In “Leyla” we find an ambient sonic landscape worthy of a scene in a movie where the everyday human being risks it all against all odds for what they believe in and comes out of the experience with both superpowers and a new mission. It is a mission of creative self expression, a life of freedom, and of a deep and abiding love of and hope for humanity.

Azra & Leyla by Smitech Wesson / Copyright © 2022

“Demons Feat. Teresa Meads”

In a song such as “Demons” which features the sweet yet haunting vocals of Teresa Meads, you can feel that dichotomy of pleasure and pain, demons and angels, love and longing that helps to shape the sound that is Smitech Wessson. Teresa sings that “demons all define me” yet her vocals for “and all I need is love” carry such resolve that they seem to evoke a power all their own, maybe even just enough power to fight the Demons in our lives.

“Demons” by Smitech Wesson / Copyright © 2022

Freedom Through Creative Self Expression

I was quite moved by Smitech’s responses to my questions for this interview. Having grown up in a time and place torn apart by political upheaval, Smitech reminds me as an American of the liberties we sometimes take for granted. Though free speech is in danger everywhere, I have more freedoms as an American than many others.

Smitech Wesson finds freedom through creative expression in music, something he does not take for granted. His passion for excellence and his love for humanity are truly inspiring. It was a true pleasure collaborating with Smitech on this article and I really look forward to what comes next from this multi-talented Artist/Producer/DJ. I hope you enjoy getting to know this Artist and be sure to Follow him wherever you socialize online.

What is the inspiration behind your music?

“My favorite artists are Giorgio Moroder, Boys Noize, Justice, and French79.”

“When you look at me, I am not seen as a dark boy but inside me there is always dark place. Thus, my latest tracks have darkness with lots of melodies. The reason for this is the darkness of the world. When I see innocent people being killed and imprisoned for political reasons, dictators, wars etc., I can’t stop myself from thinking about it. The worst thing is that I can’t do anything—not even a tweet—because when you do that you can face the same things. Then, step by step your soul goes darker and darker. This repression causes your feelings to express themselves in your music.”

“I always listen to people’s ideas about my work. I always wonder whether they understand my feelings.”

“Run” by Smitech Wesson / Copyright © 2022

Do you have any favorite instruments in your collection?

“Ableton live is the software I use for production. Xfer Serum and Ableton’s instruments are enough to create a track I think.”

Have there been any challenges you have faced in the music industry?

“The difficulties I see in my musical life are that sometimes it can take 3 months to finish a track. I am not working like a robot. My feelings always change. Many times I delete the projects again and again. However, sometimes 1 week is enough to finish a song.”

Smitech Wesson / Copyright © 2023

What is it about Synthwave that you love?

“I really love what people did in the 80s with music. In our country, the 80s were not good. There were lots of political crises so our parents have not taught us about the music of these years. However, after producing music and discovering new styles, I found 80s music in America. I love it so much that listening to them for months has become listening to them for years. Then, I discovered Synthwave which I really love. After this inspiration, I produced ‘leyla’, ‘azra’ and then ‘run’ and ‘demons’. If you listen to them you can feel that they are Synthwave but that they are also dark. Although I love that happy Synthwave sound, you can see a darkness in my music.”

Smitech Wesson / Copyright © 2023

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