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DJ Noofi

meet a 10 year old music lover from Finland


Artist Bio

DJ Noofi (Nooa Meriranta) is a 10 year old music lover from Finland. He started to make his own electronic musical experiments with synths and iPad at the age of 7. His father Heikki has a background in music and there was gear to play with and get started early.

“In the summer of 2021, the tracks started to sound so great that we decided to start releasing his music under the Artist name DJ Noofi. The name comes from ‘Nooa’ and ‘Finland’! Heikki formed a virtual production team and label called Seashore Beats and started to learn mixing and mastering EDM tracks and ways to get the music out there.”

“Now it has been over a year as a releasing artist and there are a total of 21 original singles, an official remix with Anna Awe (US), and some unofficial remixes out there. There are 90k streams in Spotify and over 70k in YouTube + TikTok so far. Some of the tracks have been released on our label Seashore Beats and the rest on labels like Top Phonic Records (Portugal), Phat Panda Records (US), AJME Records (Romania), High Five Music (France). A big moment for us was that Dj Noofi’s Deep House vibed single ‘Break Away’ got featured on Spotify’s editorial playlist Beats Of Tomorrow and Suomi-EDM (Finnish EDM).”

“Break Away – Lyric video – Visualizer video” Live, 2022 – DJ Noofi

“Dj Noofi – Time Lost (Lyrics) [HFM Release]” 2022

What is the inspiration behind your music?

“I love to listen to all EDM music and at the moment Future House and Progeressive House tracks are on the top of my list. Some of my favorite artists are Brooks, Martin Garrix, Dirty Palm, and Tobu. I also like some noisy dubstep like Zomboy.”

Do you have any favorite instruments in your collection?

“I make music mostly in Logic Pro X DAW and sometimes use hardware synths and other instruments to spice up the tracks. We have ASM hydrasynth and Roland JD-XI in + analog modular synth in our home studio as well as drums, guitars and amplifiers etc…My musical background comes from classical guitar since the age of 5 and now I have been playing saxophone as well for a year and a half.”

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What are your future goals?

“Just having fun making new music and start making some live shows during next year. Get more fans!”

What projects are you working on now?

“There are at least two international collab releases coming out in November and one of our own releases.”

Nov 11
‘Finished’ – with ApolloAwe (South Africa)

Nov 25
‘Orbital Paths’ – with Necrubis (Italy)

Nov 30
‘Go Home’ – Mellodramatic Records (UK)”

Have there been any challenges you have faced in the music industry?

“Some shows have rejected my music due to my young age and also being a minor some labels have refused to make contracts once they learn my age.”

DJ Noofi Logo 2022 © Copyright 2022


Have you ever been to a rave?

“Not yet!”

What is the first techno/edm/dance concert you went to?

“Have not been to a live EDM concert yet!”

What do you think about the current state of dance music?

“It’s good! There is a lot of interesting music to listen each day.”

Is P.L.U.R. alive and well or is it just a part of the past?

“I think these things are built into Finnish youngsters these days.”

Do you think electronic music has become too commercialized?

“No, not really.”

What do you think the future of raving will be?

“Maybe there will be virtual venues and home raves!”

Is dance music important and why?

“Yes it is! It makes people feel good and powerful!”


A Message from DJ Noofi

“Listen and share my music! Playlist it and use it on your TikToks. Dance and enjoy!”


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