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Artist Bio

Meet SZN TWO, the dynamic Electronic-Pop duo hailing from the vibrant city of Chennai, India. This musical powerhouse is comprised of two energetic individuals: Michael Timothy, a seasoned producer and accomplished bassist, and Nami, a gifted singer-songwriter. Together, they are on a mission to create infectious, groove-inducing music that resonates with audiences worldwide.

Drawing inspiration from acclaimed artists like NOTD, Chainsmokers, and Madeon, SZN TWO brings a fresh and dynamic sound to the electronic music scene. Michael Timothy boasts an impressive 8-year tenure in the music industry, showcasing his dedication and expertise in crafting electrifying soundscapes. Meanwhile, Nami brings her 6-7 years of performance experience to the table, infusing their collaborations with heartfelt lyrics and soulful delivery.

Performing together for the last 4 years and relishing the creative process in each other’s company, the duo’s synergy is undeniable. In 2021, they took a bold step forward and officially formed SZN TWO, setting their sights on making waves in the global music scene. SZN TWO’s discography is already making waves, with an EP and three singles under their belt.

Their music is an invitation to dance, celebrate, and lose yourself to the beats. Join them on their journey as they redefine the electronic-pop landscape, one groove at a time.

SZN TWO / Copyright © 2023

“Me & U” – SZN TWO


“Me & U” is featured on their 4 track EP Love/Life which was released in April of 2023. This album is so well produced it can easily sit alongside any of the best albums being released by the Superstars of today.

Nami’s voice finds a hand in glove fit within these velvety smooth electronic arrangements and Michael’s expertly placed basslines. Sincere, fun…sincerely fun. There is so much to discover and enjoy in this album between the sensual lyrics and catchy beats of the album opener “Dance” and the irresistibly funky, synth-infused, Disco flavored vibes of “Last Goodbye”.

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Creative Process

“One of us produces and the other writes and sings. It’s pretty obvious that we need each other to make music. We both have very vast taste in music and we respect each others’ views and opinions, which makes the creative process interesting and fun at the same time.”

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What do you think is the most important aspect in collaboration?

“Having an open mind and mutual understanding is very important for a collaboration to work. Always remember you’re on the same team.”

Who are your favorite duos of all time and why?

“NOTD, Emotional Oranges, Chainsmokers, and Bob Moses. We think it simply comes down to music that makes us want to move and groove and dance to, and the above duos do just that with extra finesse.”

Future Goals

“We’re really excited about a new single that’s in the works right now. It’s got an RnB vibe to it and we had a really good friend of ours feature on the track. We are looking to release the track sometime next month. We’re also working on getting a few gigs within India. We’d love if people could go check out our music, share it, and add it to their playlists.”

SZN TWO / Copyright © 2023

Episode 3

Listen to select tracks from SZN TWO and other indie electronic duos in Episode 3 of Mythic Rhythmic Presents: “To the Power of 2” only on Massive Radio.

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Love/Life EP

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