Tame Werewolf

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Tame Werewolf

Artist Bio

Tame Werewolf is a Synthwave musician from Iran. Formed in 2018 by Keivan Hosseini, the band creates a unique retro electronic sound of the 80s incorporating influences of Space-Synth, Italo-Disco, J Pop, and Eurobeat.

Tame Werewolf has released two albums. His debut album Secrets of Love is a super catchy 7-track EP which fits a lot of moods and atmospheres, from Retro Disco Dance and video game soundtracks to late-night driving on the highways of the city. It was released on cassette via Cityman production in Finland. Inspired by Vaporwave, his second EP “Phasermania” has more downtempo tunes but still has that retro-wave feel. The album was released on CD via Virtua 94 records in the US.

Tame Werewolf / Copyright © 2023


“I am inspired by many artists and, above all, legends like Giorgio Moroder, YMO, Koto, generally ’70s Space-Disco and 80s Italo-Disco. Also, Japanese retro game soundtracks are huge inspiration to me, like the impeccable sound of the Streets of Rage, Sonic the Hedgehog, Sunset Riders, and many more.”

Favorite Instruments/Studio Setup

“When it comes to music equipment, I’m pretty old school. I like analog and early digital Synthesizers such as Yamaha DX7, Roland Juno 60, Oberheim OB-Xa, and Sequential Prophet 5. LinnDrum and Roland TR 707 drum machines are also my favorite ones.”

Future Projects

“As I prepare to release my upcoming album in early 2024, I am excited to take the next step in my career. Following the album release, I plan to schedule live shows, aiming to elevate my musical journey and connect with audiences on a deeper level.”

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Which emerging Artists do you believe will shape the future of electronic music and why?

“I can tell George Clanton—the Vaporwave artist and the guy who runs a 100% electronica record label—is already shaping the future of vaporwave. He has been pioneering a vision of the future of how we consume and make electronic music through its connections with technology and the virtual world and hosting several VR concerts.”

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What is a current electronic song that already sounds like a future classic to you?

“I guess for me it would be One Hundred Morning album by Windows 96.”

How do you think technology will influence the evolution of sub-genres within electronic music?

“Technology has always had a direct influence on rising new genres, and it is expected to continue to do so. Like the Roland’s TR 808 and 909 drum machines which had a huge impact on the creation of EDM and Techno back in the ’90s. Also, technology always makes it easier to create music, so I think more people will start producing and also collaborations will be easier and likely more genres will be coming out.”

Tame Werewolf / Copyright © 2023

What do you think the future of live electronic music will be like?

“With advancements in areas such as artificial intelligence and virtual reality, and the evolution of those, the future of live electronic music will be redefined. I guess one of the main ways people will likely choose to view music performances in the future is by streaming them, which is already happening. Virtual instruments could be another thing that will shape the future of live electronic music.”

What are your future goals?

“My future goal is to release my new album on vinyl, collaborate with my favorite Artists, play gigs in the US and across the world, and to continue to express my feelings through music.”

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