State of the Art Web Development

Websites, SEO, Information Architecture & Beyond

Mythic Rhythmic offers professional web development services. Owner Acacia Carr is a Senior Full Stack Web Developer with over 24 years of experience making magic on the Web. An author and recognized voice in the field of design based development practices, Acacia has been developing Responsive websites for clients all over the world for over a decade. She also has over 14 years of experience using WordPress as a CMS and has built sites in every major framework within WordPress as well as within various other CMS and non CMS based sites.

Having served clients across a wide spectrum of industries including hospitality, healthcare, B2B, journalism, entertainment, education, travel, fine art and the non-profit sector, Acacia now focuses her attention on music and music related project websites.

Professional technical services include:

  • Website Security Audit
  • Web Development
  • SEO Audit and Strategy Development
  • CSS Enhancements
  • Responsive Testing and Polishing
  • Brand and Website Design
  • Speed Testing and Enhancements
  • Project Specification Development
  • Cybersecurity and Hack Removal