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How many songs does one Terabyte hold?

Artist Bio

Terabyte is Terra Marotz, independent Electronic music producer, singer, songwriter and Artist born and raised in rural Northwestern Montana, based in Los Angeles, CA. Those who have followed Terabyte know she crafts a distinctive and genre-bending flavor of music which combines elements of Disco Revival, House, Trap, Hyperpop, and Dubstep. With each release, Terabyte has established a unique and cohesive sound that continues to grow, unfurling a narrative that mirrors the intricacies of the human experience alongside the power of nature, all while redefining the boundaries of Electronic Pop music.

You can now listen to the interview with Terabyte on Episode 6 of Mythic Rhythmic Presents only on mythicrhythmic.com.

 Stranded / Copyright © 2024

Stranded – Terabyte

Stranded is the latest EP from Terabyte. Released in April, 2024, this album features tracks including “City Boys”, “Humans Tell Lies” and “I Used to Like Music” as well as several other absolute bangers. Get to know what makes this unique Artist tick and learn about her inspirations in this month’s edition of Mythic Rhythmic Presents. Terabyte is an Artist who represents the full package with everything from top notch production to stunning visuals to captivating vocals and mesmerizing lyrics so you don’t want to miss this interview!

We also take a deep dive into the tech behind her live performance setup for you gear heads out there. You can find 3 fresh tracks from her latest album Stranded in Episode 6 of Mythic Rhythmic Presents as well as enjoy select tracks from other indie electronic Artists from LA to Italy in this episode. Once you get hooked on these beats there’s no turning back but never fear! You can feed your need for more delicious hits by supporting this Artist and everyone else in this issue on your favorite streaming platform. Look for social media links and more ways to stay connected at the end of each Artist’s article.

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“Just Playin” – Terabyte

The first time I saw a video by Terabyte I was absolutely blown away by her creativity, costume design, and exceptional art direction. Though she grew up in rural Montana and has since moved on to find a brilliant fit with the LA electronic music and art scene, her work shines as bright as a Supernova and yet as constant as the Northern Star. Not one to burn out anytime soon, Terabyte’s commitment to excellence is hyper evident from her earliest works to her latest album Stranded.

Favorite Instruments

Ableton Live 12
Ableton Push 1
Mac Book
TC Helicon
Apogee Duet
Micro Korg

Terabyte / Copyright © 2024


***Nature***, technology, science, human interaction, dreams, magic

Terabyte / Copyright © 2024

“Pleasure Center” – Terabyte

Recent/Upcoming Projects

“I just played a fun show at the Redwood Bar in DTLA on June 16th, 2024! I have a collaboration with Lassai coming out June 30th as well as a Stranded remix compilation which is hot off the digital presses as we speak.”

“My new album is currently in the works and nearing completion.”

Terabyte / Copyright © 2024

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Listen to the Full Interview

If you’d like to hear the full interview with Terabyte as well as enjoy fresh tracks from this Artist and other interstellar indie electronic Artists, please tune in to Episode 6 of Mythic Rhythmic Presents.