The Pretty Key by Acacia Carr

by Acacia Carr / February 28th, 2022
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Today’s featured music artist is Acacia Carr, with the new album The Pretty Key. (Tuesday, February 22, 2022).

Acacia Carr

The Pretty Key is the third album in The Lavender Mouse Trilogy by Acacia Carr. This 3 part album series is part interstellar sonic exploration and part storytelling. Set in the backdrop of a post apocalyptic dystopian alternate timeline, these albums combine elements of New Wave, Trip Hop and cinematic sound design for a deeply moving and dynamic listening experience that transports the audience to another time and place. Futuristic yet familiar, The Pretty Key is one human’s message across time in an era where humanity is but a distant memory. Human concepts such as love, family, and home are now long lost and only revisited via echoes of the past, held captive inside the mind of the Lavender Mouse. The protaganist of our story, the heroine L33ta, is the last surviving humanoid. Half human, half bioengineered, L33ta spends her days trying to solve the murder of the scientist who was responsible for the safety of The Lavender Mouse. Her grasp of human understanding is fractured but passionate. By night she explores the mind of The Lavender Mouse via neural implant connection. The art and music of this series are the result of this experience.

The concepts behind this time traveling Sci Fi thriller are currently being developed as part of a science fiction novel by Acacia.

The album series is accompanied by surreal digital art also created by Acacia Carr. Written, performed, recorded and produced in Albuquerque, the Trilogy was started at the beginning of the pandemic and finished 3 years in. Released and distributed by Mythic Rhythmic. Copyright Acacia Carr © 2022. All rights reserved.

The Pretty Key

Acacia Carr, 2022.

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