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The Safety Word / Copyright © 2023

The Safety Word


Artist Bio

The Safety Word is an atmospheric Synth-Pop band from Melbourne, Australia known for dreamy soundscapes and emotive lyrics. Their self-titled debut was released in 2019 to critical acclaim and fan delight as well. The band’s music is a reflection of the human experience, an escape, and a sanctuary for the soul.

Pushing the boundaries of the Synth-Pop genre, this duo continues to charm their audience with their unique style and dedication to their craft. Their latest release Return to Neon Palms is a 12 track instrumental perfect for daydreams, fall nights, and calmer times. Be sure to catch Episode 1 of the show to hear the full interview with Simon and John of The Safety Word!

Return to Neon Palms by The Safety Word / Copyright © 2023

Return to Neon Palms

“Can you talk about some of the musical influences that have shaped the band’s signature sound?”

“I think there are many sorts of influences. Electronics are an influence because you can really create a lot of different sounds with them. I find life is a gigantic influence because who we are and how we function as people and the experiences that we’ve had and how we perceive the world goes greatly into the music. I’ve always found all sorts of music with melody and music that evokes certain feelings in you, that’s something that really is an influence…classical music, electro music, music from the ’80s, music from the ’50s, present music.” – John

CITY OF STARS Remix of the Safety Word’s “Games”

“What’s the inspiration behind the band name?”

“Simon came up with that name and for me it’s a duality. It can be viewed as something that’s positive…words can be very comforting and soothing and can pierce your soul, cause a revelation of some sort or it can also be looked at in the sense of the darker side of exploration, exploring sensuality and sexuality and at the end of the day its because of sexuality that we have that on a genetic level, that produces offspring.” – John

“It’s certainly an interesting name and it gets a lot of attention which is kind of what a name should do. For me, it encompasses what I want the music to ultimately do for the listener which is to wrap them up in a safe cocoon and let them be transported to another world where their worries are washed away by the sonic beauty.” – Simon

The Safety Word / Copyright © 2023
The Safety Word / Copyright © 2023
The Safety Word / Copyright © 2023

The Safety Word has a really distinct visual style that translates into your live performances. Can you tell us a bit about that?

“Yes, visuals are very important to us. We know that people hear with their eyes so we really enjoy having a unique aesthetic. We’re both Artists as well. I studied Fine Arts at an art school and that has really informed a lot of my approaches to how we represent our band visually, throughout our album art designs to video clips, to how we represent ourselves live and also what we wear. It’s a full sensory experience.” – John

Upcoming Release: Golden Age – Part I

“Prepare to be transported into a realm of musical enchantment with our double album’s debut, Golden Age – Part I. This extraordinary collection features our best singles from recent years, alongside future classics, spanning a spectrum of genres that will ignite your emotions and set your feet in motion. Exploring themes of love, life, and the human experience, our music immerses you in a captivating and atmospheric soundscape. Each track stands as a powerful testament to our artistry and the remarkable journey we’ve undertaken.”

“Join us on Friday, October 27th, as we release this musical masterpiece to the world, promising an experience that will elevate your senses and leave an indelible mark on your musical soul.”

Upcoming Release: Memories Remixed

Melbourne’s Synthwave sensation The Safety Word and Belarusian electronic artist Outshift have ignited the global music scene once again with their electrifying collaboration. Prepare to be transported on a thrilling Synthwave journey as they unveil Memories Remixed, a seven-track EP set to release on September 22, 2023. This sonic adventure features seven distinct tracks, each skillfully re-imagined by an international lineup of remix artists.

From Russian Retrowave vibes to American Darkwave intensity, from Australian tech house beats to British Synthwave magic, Memories Remixed celebrates the diversity and universal allure of the Synthwave genre.

“We’re thrilled to present Memories Remixed to our fans and the Synthwave community. It’s been an incredible journey collaborating with these talented artists from around the world, and their unique remixes breathe new life into our music, expanding its sonic universe.”

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