Yung Kephas

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Yung Kephas

Artist Bio

Yung Kephas is an Artist in every sense. Drawing since before he could read, Kephas became attached to music forever after a felony arrest at 12 years old. His Father put him an adult choir to keep him off the streets and out of trouble.

At 13, Kephas touched drums, wrote his first songs and programmed his first MPC.

At 18, Yung Kephas built a studio computer and started TS4DR—TruSoil4DeadRootz, his music label. Printing 1000 records, his first album made it to Roc-A-Fella Records.

Turning down three recording contracts, Kephas studied audio theory and hit the touring circuit with Zion I, Little Brother, Nappy Roots, and many others. After his brother died, the circumstances really impacted his life and Kephas dug into his creative DNA releasing 11 mixtapes, traveling 10 cities in Japan, four in Canada, and 49 cities across America.

After having a family St. Louis born and raised Yung Kephas slowed down, but is now back with a new set of singles, videos and a grind few understand. His new album work is a tribute to his son and brother who passed away. Replanted in New Mexico, now is his time.

Native St. Louisan Yung Kephas started rhyming at 13 and hasn’t stopped since. More than just an Artist, Kephas is also a Founder of the Lyfe As Art Movement, bringing hope, purpose and guidance to his local community. Starting an independent label at 18, he has developed his craft as an Emcee, Producer, Audio Engineer and Artist, lending his sound to over a dozen albums, hundreds of songs and various projects over the years. So many dreams have been fulfilled traveling from the U.S. to Japan and Canada, touring and sharing the platform with Curtis Brown, Aktually, Bizzle, This’L, Sevin and Hogmob, Bryann Trejo and Kingdom Music Family, Ryan Stevenson, and many others.

Studio Setup

“Acid Pro Suite, Pro Tools, LogicProX, SoundForge Pro, Izotope Mastering Suite, and my 16core Windows Rack Computer with Windows 10 Pro which I built myself.”


“The Creator God, my wife and kids, the death of my brother Nicholas, St. Louis, hood culture.”

Future Projects

“April: 4 New Singles
May: Spaceships & Cadillacs EP
July: Spaceships & Cadillacs LP
Freestyle Friday Content
New events for The Lyfe As Art Movement”

How and when did you first get introduced to Hip Hop?

“I spent most of my life in the hood. When Bloods and Crips came into the church, I started following them.”

How would you describe your personal and creative evolution as a Hip Hop Artist?

“I performed around the STL community at 13 for years. I started producing at 13 and really stayed in my headphones until my life got extremely difficult. Then faith and experience really started to inform my writing, not just my surroundings. The hurt and coming out of that…it built me as an Artist.”

“Deliver You Over Pain” – Posthumous video with Knotice Hymn, Yung Kephas’ brother

How would you describe your personal and creative evolution as a Hip Hop artist?

“My evolution has been a journey. Reflecting on it, I started off wanting to rap because I thought it was cool. Then it became an everyday thing. As I grew with it, it became more of an identity. I remember in high school my friends joking with me to spit 100 bars. And now its just a lifestyle. It’s who I became in the end. Out of all the opportunities I’ve had and the choices I’ve made, I’ve always come back to the music and culture. So instead of trying to be cool, I’ve come into my own and found my confidence and acceptance through Hip Hop and music.”

Please take us behind the scenes when producing a track from start to finish. Do you start with words or beats first, and how does the track evolve?

“How I’m feeling leads me. Sometimes I pray first. Other times I’m watching films most recently and when I see something that inspires me and feels like a mirror reflection of my life’s memories..I start producing then write and I’m usually done in an hour.”

Is collaboration an important aspect of your work or do you prefer to work alone? Please tell us about any memorable collaborations if so.

“I work alone besides my wife and kids unless I know you and can hear you on the track. I’m hyper creative and others get intimidated at times when I write on the spot.”

How do you approach lyricism in your work? What themes or stories do you like to explore?

“My life is my canvas.”

How does your music translate to a live performance setting? Do you adapt your performances for different audiences?

“I’m one hundred percent me. So all my faith and my gangster gets shared. All my love and passion. It translates crazy live.”

What do you hope you’re audience takes away from your shows?

“Take away my heart message and the energy of life that I bring.”

Do you use your music as a platform for social or political commentary? If so, what messages are important for you to convey?

“I don’t believe in platforms. Only personal responsibility. Lead with that.”

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